Don’t let your career hold you back. Self-employed mortgages are hand-picked for company directors, contractors and sole traders.

Self-employment doesn’t have to be a black mark when you’re looking to purchase a property. With these tailor-made mortgages, your choice of career is the perfect match for our exciting opportunities. Our in-house team is ready and waiting to find the ideal mortgage for you. For the best choice of self-employed mortgages, Think Plutus.

How much can I borrow?

When it comes to how much you can borrow for your mortgage, the process is that same as any other employed individual. Our lenders take a look at your income and outgoings over the last contract, or your accounts for the previous two years. It’s that simple. No long list of questions, confusing processes or complicated accounting required.

Which mortgage suits me?

At Think Plutus, we know one size certainly doesn’t fit all when it comes to the average mortgage. That’s why we provide something tailor-made just for you: no out-of-the-box options or generic solutions. We work with you to find a mortgage that fits your lifestyle, future goals and current income. All we need is a few questions, and we’re ready to go.

How do you help?

We’re the experts at what we do. With extensive experience in supporting self-employed clients, we’ve got the knowledge and know-how to make sure you never settle for second best. If you’re looking for a service that’s tailor-made for your needs, look no further. We don’t do jargon or confusing process – everything is up-front, easy and practical for you.

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If you’re self-employed or a contractor and you’re ready to leap into property ownership, then Think Plutus is the company you want by your side. We’re experts in the industry when it comes to finding the best mortgage for you. We don’t do generic options or less-than-perfect solutions. If we sound like the team for you, give us a call on 020 3026 3040, or fill out our contact form.

How self-employed mortgages work

If you’re a limited company director, a freelancer, contractor or just generally self-employed, you’re probably well used to all that annoying red tape when it comes to purchasing property, accessing finance and just about anything else in life. We help you cut through all those ‘no’s’, to find the ‘yes’ that works for you. If a self-employment mortgage with Think Plutus sounds like the answer, here’s exactly what you need to know:

First Time Freelancers / Contactors

If you’re new to the world of contracting or freelancing, you have got a whole new world ahead of you. There’s nothing quite like being your own boss. Taking the leap to do what you love is as fulfilling as you get in the world of work, which makes it all very exciting. But when it comes to financing, lenders do not entirely take the same positive view on newbies to the world of self-employment – but that doesn’t mean you’re not in with the chance of finding a fantastic mortgage that works for you.

Typically, the way that lenders check if you’re suitable for a mortgage is by looking at your employment and income. For long-term self-employed individuals, this means going back in the books to look at outgoings, income and a range of other factors. Anything from industry experience to contract length, renewals to historical work can be considered. Not every lender wants exactly the same, which is where the confusion can come in for the average freelancer.

Of course, if you’re entirely fresh to the world of flexible working, you don’t quite have that natural build-up of contracts, workflow or long-term income to prove you’re on-track for property ownership. But fear not – there are still specific lenders on our list that are the perfect fit for you. If you can prove at least two years of work in the same industry before going freelance, you’ll be in a good spot. Similarly, if you can show that you’ll be on a contract in the long-term, six months or more, you’ll also be on to a winner.

It all comes down to cash. Lenders want proof that you’re going to be able to cover the monthly cost of your mortgage – which is a pretty reasonable ask when you put it like that. With our services, we help untangle the web of contracts and the confusing documentation to ensure you’ve got all you need to make the best case possible. For new freelancers and contractors, our service provides the security to get the best mortgage for your money.

Experienced Contractors

Have over two years of contract history, and a nice steady flow of income? Then congratulations, you’re well-placed to get yourself on the first rung of that property ladder. While contracting doesn’t quite have the same security and appeal as full-time formal employment if you’re experienced at what you do – and have a good list of contracts to your name – you’re in the best possible place to start. Contracting is more common than you might think, making lending to contractors more viable than ever before. So why not take advantage?

If you can prove long-term and renewed contracts, whether it’s rolling 3-month contracts or long-term yearly renewals, then you’re perfectly placed for lenders to consider you. It’s all about providing reassurance – you want to make it clear to a lender that the money will keep rolling in six months, a year, or five years from now. Provide that comfort blanket of future cash, and your mortgage options will soon multiply.

At Think Plutus, we’re experts at supporting contractors through the mortgage process. We do all the sums and provide a clear insight to ensure you’re on track to getting approved for that potential mortgage. If you can provide an annual predicted income – based on your daily rate – then you’re off to a great start. While finding a contractor mortgage might take a little extra work, we’re ready and waiting to take that responsibility off your shoulders – and get you into your dream home as quickly as possible.

Sole Traders & Company Directors

Not everyone who is self-employed acts as a contractor. There are countless industries where being paid on a per-job basis is far more the norm than month-long contracts. So for the sole traders and self-employed amongst us, what’s the answer? Provided you’ve been working in your specific niche for over two years; you’re better-placed then you might think to land that perfect mortgage. Whether you are a company owner looking for Limited Company director mortgage, or you are acting solo as a sole trader, lenders are more willing to accept self-employed individuals than you might think – provided you go about it the right way.

Unlike contractors, where assessment can be made based on the longevity and strength of individual contracts, sole traders will need to prove their income by providing insight into their profit after tax. If you use accounting software or keep good track of your SA302s, then you’re already sitting on proof that’s ready and waiting to be used — no need for lengthy calculations or mind-bending form filling.

At Think Plutus, we work with you to look at your business profits, helping you to find a mortgage lender that best suits your income as well as your requirements as a whole. The hard part is sorting which lenders are the best fit – and we do all that for you. By seeking out the lenders that are most suited for sole traders and self-employed individuals, we can find a solution that works for everyone. What’s not to like about that?

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