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For your mortgage application, you will be required to provide proof of identity, proof of deposit and proof of address.

You’ll need to show one document which proves your identity, and another document to prove your UK address (you can’t use the same document twice).

If you are applying jointly with someone else, bills in joint names may be considered as a single proof of address for each of the individuals named on the document. If you have married recently, and the appropriate changes have not yet been made to your documents, you will need to present your marriage certificate to lenders.

Here is a list of documents that are accepted as proof of identity:

  • Current valid (signed) Passport (EU or non-EU)
  • Current UK Driving Licence (Full or Provisional)
  • Current State Pension Notification letter
  • Current EU/EEA Photocard Driving Licence
  • Current valid EU and EEA National Identity card
  • Benefit Entitlement letter
  • Current Firearms/Shotgun Certificate
  • Current Blue Disabled Drivers Pass (With Photo)
  • A UK Armed Forces identity card
  • The current year’s HMRC Tax Code Notification
  • Identity card from the Electoral Office of Northern Ireland

Here is the list of acceptable proof of address documents:

  • Current UK Driving Licence (Full or Provisional)
  • Recent Utility Bill (not mobile phone bill) – max. 3 months old
  • Recent statement from Bank/Building Society – max. 3 months old
  • Current Council Tax Bill – dated within 12 months
  • Mortgage Statement – dated within 12 months or Mortgage Redemption Statement – max. 3 months old
  • Current EU/EEA Photocard Driving Licence
  • Current Benefits Agency Letter
  • Current State Pension Notification Letter
  • Credit Card statements from a main UK provider – max. 3 months old
  • HMRC Tax notification documents (excluding P60s) – max. 12 months old
  • A tenancy agreement from a local council or housing association, dated within the last 12 months

Things to consider

Again, bear in mind that your proof of identity and verification of address cannot come from the same source, and that includes the additional piece of evidence. An old-style provisional driving licence will not be accepted, so choose a different option from the list if you don’t have a full or provisional UK photocard driving licence.

If you are using a tax document from HMRC, it should include your most recent coding notice. If you don’t have this, contact your tax office and you will be issued an update notice on the same day, delivered second class.

Having difficulty?

If you are unable to provide the documentation required, your application will not be able to be processed, meaning you will experience significant delays in getting approved for your mortgage. To process your case and progress things to the next stage your mortgage adviser at Think Plutus will require the necessary proof of identity and proof of address documentation above, they will also require proof of your income (last 3 months payslips or SA302 if self-employed) copies of your last 3 months bank statements, proof of deposit, and a copy of your latest credit report. If you are having difficulty getting your documents together, speak to your adviser. They will be able to identify the documents that you could get hold of and tell you how to get them. We will work to help minimise the time it takes to gather the necessary documentation so that things can proceed as swiftly as possible.

The team at Think Plutus has a wealth of experience in the mortgage market and we process multiple applications every single day. We know how to put all the necessary paperwork together and present your case in the best possible way to the best lenders for your circumstances. Our advisers are always on hand to offer guidance and oversee every stage of the mortgage application process, so get in touch today and we’ll help you get the mortgage you need.

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