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COVID-19: Mortgage Products are Being re-introduced after Lockdown

8th May 2020

The uncertainty of lockdown has led to changes across all industries. In the mortgage sector, a number of lenders withdrew some of their products temporarily. However, we’re glad to reveal that lenders have started to […]

COVID-19: Will my Credit Score be affected by a Mortgage Payment Holiday?

29th April 2020
Coronavirus mortgage payments holiday

Think Plutus can confirm that taking a break from your mortgage payments during the COVID-19 crisis will NOT affect your credit rating. Credit reference agencies have announced that this is the case, so you can […]

Coronavirus: Finding Help with Mortgage Costs

30th March 2020
new build detached house

The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on the entire world, and many will be concerned that loss or reduction of income could leave them struggling to pay their mortgages. An announcement from the […]

Should I Get a Mortgage Following Brexit?

21st February 2020
typical residential street in England

At the end of January, the UK farewelled its membership of the European Union. Brexit Day was many things to many people, but to those looking to buy a home it was largely seen as […]

Housing market confidence is up: Rightmove had its biggest ever month for website traffic in January 2020

18th February 2020
new build homes England

Rightmove, the UK’s largest property portal online, had its record for website visits in one month broken in January, in a sign that experts say shows a jump in market confidence. In that month alone, […]

What to Expect in the Property Market for 2020

3rd February 2020
detached houses on a residential street in the UK

It’s no secret that the property market in 2019 was less vibrant and active than in previous years. As we start the new decade, there are already signs of more positivity. The presence of political […]

House Price Growth rises more than 1% for first time in 12 months

8th January 2020
house prices

The growth in house prices across the UK is a statistic watched with some concern by those entering the market for the first time. Steep rises can add years to a saving plan. In recent […]

Andrew Bailey to be the new Governor of the Bank of England

23rd December 2019
The Governor of the Bank of England

From March next year Andrew Bailey will become the Bank of England’s new Governor, according to the Chancellor Sajid Javid, with the appointment approved by the Queen. Long-serving Governor Mark Carney will continue in the […]

Interest rates to remain on hold, says Bank of England

19th December 2019
Bank of England in London home of the MPC who set UK interest rates

Interest rates have been kept on hold at 0.75% by The Bank of England. This may be cut, however, if uncertainty around Brexit continues into the New Year and slow economic growth fails to improve. […]

40 Year Mortgages Becoming The Standard: Will It Benefit You?

10th December 2019
young couple searching for a mortgage online

The time of the 25-year mortgage is coming to an end as lenders are now far more likely to offer new homebuyers a 40-year term. This provides those who are working with a tighter budget […]

Sainsbury’s Announces Its Exit from The Mortgage Market

1st October 2019

The end of supermarket banking? In a move that could signal the beginning of the end for supermarket banking, Sainsbury’s announced this week that it will be bowing out of the mortgage market after only […]

Pledge your support for Gas Safe Week

5th September 2019

Millions of people here in the UK use gas to heat their homes and cook their meals. It is so commonplace that many people have forgotten, or never learned in the first place, just how […]

UK Interest Rates On Hold In June 2019

30th June 2019
Bank of England in London home of the MPC who set UK interest rates

Interest. Just the sight of those eight little letters makes the majority of homeowners quake. That’s become even more the case since Brexit negotiations began, and it only looks set to get worse as a […]

Hero Mortgages For Public Sector Workers

28th June 2019
Hero Mortgages For Public Sector Workers

These days there are so many people who are struggling to get onto the property ladder. House prices keep on rising through the roof and the majority of the population struggles to save up enough […]

Interest-Only Mortgages Set for Return

12th June 2019
couple searching the internet for interest only mortgages online

There’s a growing demand for interest-only products with interest-only mortgages set to return in full force. According to recent research, there are around 200 interest-only mortgages that borrowers can choose from. This is close to […]

Protection On The Way For Tenants From Unfair Charges

27th May 2019
happy tenant at home

As it stands, tenants are subject to significant charges on all sides whenever they embark on renting a new property. As well as deposits, tenants have to cover everything from tenant fees to contract renewals. […]

Millennials Have Unrealistic Expectations for Receiving Inheritance

24th May 2019

A recent survey by wealth manager Charles Stanley has revealed than some millennials might have unrealistic expectations about how they will pay for their first home. The survey showed that one in seven young adults […]

Buying With Friends: Ways Onto The Property Ladder

2nd May 2019
happy friends celebrate buying a house

In 2019, home ownership has become something that many people strive for, but simply can’t attain. With the average deposit needed to buy a home in the UK being a whopping £33,000, it is no […]

Help On The Way For Mortgage Prisoners

16th April 2019

Currently, thousands of individuals are “mortgage prisoners.” They are locked into poor mortgages that have high rates that they may not even be able to afford. However, change is coming and the Financial Conduct Authority […]

Research Finds England Has Enough Brownfield Land For 1 Million Homes

1st April 2019
abandoned buildings in city centre part of a brownfield land site

Britain is currently in the midst of a housing crisis. House prices continue to rise, pushing many would-be homeowners out of the market. Now the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE) has released a statement […]

How Help to Buy Has Created Almost Half a Million New Homeowners

25th March 2019
new build homes apartment block in the UK

The government’s Help to Buy schemes have assisted over 400,000 first-time buyers in obtaining their very first home. HM Treasury figures have recently shown that over 494,108 property purchases have been made thanks to Help […]

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