Our Mortgage Fees

Our Mortgage Fees

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We do not charge any upfront fees, and we offer free mortgage advice.

Instead we charge a fee for arranging your mortgage, which is only payable if you receive a mortgage offer. (the lender approvals your application)

Depending on your personal needs and circumstances we may charge up to 1% of the loan amount, however our typical fee is £495, .

Usually, our fee is payable on mortgage offer.

We do not charge to advise on and switch rates within your existing lender.

The fee covers our service in its entirety, from initial mortgage advice, our dedicated support team, processing your application for you and on-going mortgage adviser support for the entire initial benefit term of your mortgage. It also covers us liaising with all the relevant entities on your behalf: the lender, surveyor, estate agents and solicitors.

We work this way to keep the process moving smoothly and ensure all parties work in tandem towards the target date for completion.

What We Do Before You Pay

If you are wondering what we meant when we said “a substantial amount of the work on your mortgage has been completed”, it means the following steps will have been undertaken:

  1. An initial conversation in which we ascertain that we can help.
  2. A detailed consultation which includes a confidential fact-find to ensure we have all the information we need to give the best advice possible.
  3. An in-depth research process to identify the products that would be a good fit and, essentially, those which tick all your boxes. (Note: this research process incorporates standard mortgage products, our own exclusive ones, those which are only available through brokers, and those available through private banks. We have access to more than 100+ mortgage lenders and 10,000 options!)
  4. A follow-up meeting to the consultation, in which we present our recommendation and give detailed, expert advice.
  5. The production of an ESIS document breaking down the costs and monthly payments involved in the mortgage.
  6. Making contact with the lender and obtaining an Agreement in Principle. This is subject to full underwriting and valuation.
  7. Gathering the necessary documentation that the lender requires from you, checking for inconsistencies along the way.
  8. The completion of a full mortgage application, which is then submitted to the lender.

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