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At Think Plutus, we believe buying a house should be a time of hope and optimism. Unfortunately, many people find the entire process of securing a mortgage to be a real headache. With so much choice and so many boxes to tick, where do you start?

And if you approach a lender directly, the paperwork can take hours and appointments can be hard to come by. All that, and you can’t be sure you are even approaching the right lender. Being turned down can make it even more difficult to be accepted in future. Sounds like a lot of stress, right?

There is a better way…

Think Plutus is a whole-of-market, private mortgage broker in London and Tunbridge Wells and Tonbridge. We serve clients throughout the UK including expats.

We do all the hard work for you, from identifying the most appropriate lender and the best possible deal right through to completion.

Our advisers have access to 10,000+ mortgage products from 100+ lenders, many of which are not available to the general public. Our focus is on finding the best deals for our clients and ensuring you can experience the hope and optimism that comes with a new property.

  • We will gather all the important information from you to get a detailed understanding of your circumstances.
  • We can then search the market to find the right lender and the best deal tailored to your requirements.
  • We can then begin the application process on your behalf, working with you through to completion.

It’s as simple as that. And with our solid reputation for exceptional service and a uniquely personal approach, you’ll be in good hands.

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