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Think Plutus is a team of specialist, experienced mortgage advisers with our finger on the pulse of the entire market - that's more than 10,000 mortgage products from 100+ lenders. Ours is a tailored, one-to-one advisory service to help you finance your property with minimum stress and maximum convenience. We can deliver our service in person or remotely if you prefer, and we can help with the following situations: Buying a new home, Looking to remortgage or Expanding your buy-to-let portfolio.

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Why Choose Think Plutus Mortgage Advisers?

At Think Plutus, sourcing the very best mortgage for your circumstances is just a part of our service. Our dedicated advisers have access to the whole of market, and are able to zero in on your mortgage options to ensure you find the best one based on the following:

  • Your personal circumstances
  • Any requirements you may have
  • Your ideal timescale for securing your mortgage

Our mortgage advisors are able to advise and oversee the mortgage process from start to finish. This is the most efficient way to secure your property without significant disruption to your daily life. The team at Think Plutus is passionate about supporting and guiding you through the complex process of acquiring a mortgage, from the initial acceptance of an offer, through the exchange of contract, and right on to completion.

Expert Mortgage Advice However You Want It

In person

A friendly, personal service is at the heart of everything we do at Think Plutus. We love meeting with our clients and getting to know your story, and your hopes for the future. We can be very flexible with regards to where appointments take place; our offices, your home, or even your work are all places we've held appointments.

Telephone Appointment

We understand that there is a lot happening when trying to buy a property. This is why we offer the option of a personal telephone service from start to finish of the process. This way, you can access our expert advice even if you aren't able to meet in person - whatever the reason.

Online Application

Though we like to emphasise a personal service for arranging your mortgage, every mortgage broker at Think Plutus is able to access QuickStart. This is an online form that enables you to start your application from the comfort of your own home.

Protection Advice for You and Your Loved Ones

There are many pitfalls, mistakes and life events that we see all too often, which cause people to fall into financial difficulty. Part of our job at Think Plutus is to make you aware of these, and recommend solutions should they occur. This will help you enjoy your home with peace of mind.

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Life Insurance

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Family Income Benefit

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Income Protection

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Critical Illness Cover

We'll Find the Right Mortgage for You

With access to more than 10,000 mortgages from 100+ mortgage lenders, we can find the ideal mortgage for anyone. No matter your personal circumstances, requirements, timeframes and other needs, no-one is better positioned to find your perfect mortgage than us. Don't waste your time speaking to people whose mortgage advice doesn't draw on the entirety of the market. Think Plutus.

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